First Life VR

A journey back in time to experience the dawn of life on Earth

Travel back to the Cambrian Oceans of 540 million to witness the the dawn of life on Earth.

Title: First Life VR

Released: 2015

Runtime: 8 minutes

David Attenborough’s First Life VR is an award-winning fully immersive virtual reality experience produced by Atlantic Productions and distributed by Alchemy VR.

Using top paleontological research and state of the art computer technology, long-extinct animals such as the five-eyed Opabinia, the fearsome looking Anomalocaris and the spiny, worm-like Hallucigenia are brought vividly alive in this fully immersive 360 CGI VR experience.

This VR experience has won several of the most prestigious digital awards in the industry, including the World Summit Award and the Museum & Heritage Award for innovation.

First Life is available to download now on the Sony Playstation VR platform and is available to million of users worldwide



Museum and Heritage Awards