Tutankhamun: Secrets of the Boy King

Revealing the boy behind the golden mask.

New research uncovers the real Tutankhamun, calling into question long-held theories about his life and death.

Title: Tutankhamun: Secrets of the Boy King

Released: 2007

Runtime: 1 x 60

The treasure of Tutankhamun is a fabulous gold hoard, the story of its discovery the stuff of legend. But for thousands of years the life of the boy king has remained shrouded in mystery. Now, Lord Carnarvon, whose great-grandfather helped discover Tutankhamun’s tomb, travels across Egypt examining recent finds that will change our image of the boy king forever.

The 5th Earl of Carnarvon bankrolled Howard Carter’s expeditions, toiled alongside him for years and stood at his side in breathless excitement as the tomb was first breached in 1922. But only seven weeks later the Earl was dead, thought to be the first victim of the ‘curse of King Tut’. The present Lord Carnarvon is a keen amateur archaeologist and fuelled by family stories of the great discovery he has always been obsessed by one burning question: ‘Who was Tutankhamun, the flesh and blood figure behind the golden mask?’

With unique access to the treasures of the tomb, including many pieces never seen before on public display, this film takes us behind closed doors as Lord Carnarvon meets Dr Zahi Hawass and a team of Egyptologists who are using the latest techniques and computer graphics to study the original artefacts. Their findings call into question long-held theories about the life and death of the boy king.