Predator X

Two-Hour Special for Discovery Channel UK

On Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, a startling discovery has been made – the skull of an enormous prehistoric predator, the size of a modern sperm whale. What’s remarkable about this find is its similarity to a fossil uncovered in the frozen wastes of the Arctic. Both fossils are the remains of what could be the biggest and deadliest predator that ever ruled the seas, and hold the key to a world beneath the waves 147 million years ago. This film follows a team of experts as they investigate the most formidable predator to terrorise the Jurassic oceans, uncovering a species of giant sea monster that weighed five times as much as a T-Rex, had four times the bite power, and had a body more than fifty foot long with four huge flippers.

Working with expert scientific advisors, ZOO was able to bring this amazing creature to life showing how it moved and hunted.