Figures Schématiques

A virtual gallery containing one of Paul-Émile Borduas’ iconic paintings

Step inside a virtual gallery to see up close the iconic art piece, Figures Schématiques, and learn more about the Les Automatistes movement.

Title: Figures Schématiques

Released: 2018

Runtime: 5 Minutes

Partner: Heffel Fine Art Auction House

Created for global art market leader Heffel Fine Art Auction House, this virtual reality experience was launched to coincide with the sale of Paul-Émile Borduas’ Figures Schématiques in May 2018 and provided international buyers a unique opportunity to see and experience the painting prior to the sale.

The team created a virtual gallery which allows the user to enter a fully CGI rendered gallery space, where they can view the iconic painting. Using a combinination of cutting-edge CG graphics and real images of the world-famous painting, audiences are able to explore the painting in detail and  learn more about the artist , Bordaus and the Les Automatistes, a group of Québécois artists from Montreal, Canada to which he belonged.

The film was translated into seven different languages to reach Heffel’s large demographic of global buyers.