Inside the Hive

Entre the fantastic world of the honey bee in this magical interactive experience. Fly wit the swarm while learning of their ordered nature and global importance.

Released : 2019

Runtime : 14 Minutes

Format : 3D 360 App

This experience, produced for schoolchildren, allows you to join Bella, a hard-working honey bee. Fly high and low across the provincial countryside with Bella to reveal the secret lives of bees.

Bella is three weeks old and is an essential member of a thriving 50,000-strong colony of bees. Having spent all her life working inside the hive, she’s now going outside for the first time, promoted to forage for nectar. Buckle up as you join her for an exciting adventure. The story begins as you meet your Bella flying through the air. She is bringing back her first load of nectar from a patch of striking flowers she has discovered in the vast countryside around the farm.

Shot in France, this project was delivered in a small hive shaped structure to groups of twenty school children. The application has been built with simultaneous playback allowing for smoother delivery on location.



David Barker


David Lee

Executive Producer

Anthony Geffen

Production Manager

Juliet Hofmann

Associate Producer

Mary Melville

Assistant Producers

Abigale Glading
Vianney Comot

Production Secretary

Felicia Puxley

Sound Production

Vaudeville LTD

Production Coordinators

Rebecca Lawrence
Claire Buswell

Technical Lead

Elliot Graves

Technical Assistant

Iona McEwan

Sound Design

Luke Hatfield


Christopher Corless

VFX Team

Matthew Baker Jones
Bhaumik Patel
Frank Eagan
Jaime Fernandez Muro
Julia Zahner
Aleks Czenczek
Patrik Dawid

App Developers

Duncan Walker
Bhaumik Patel
Sargey Rose

Storyboard Artist

James O Shea


Caroline Roussel
Bethan Rose Young

Scientific Consultant

Veronica Wignall

Location Fixers

Kamila Cechova
Katie Callan

VR Camera Operators

Sebastian Hagemeister
Elliot Graves

Wildlife Camera Operators

Robert Hollingworth
Garath Whyte
Paul Williams

Drone Operators

Drone Pictures

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